Very happy to announce next importants concerts !



2. Inventio Festival (Provins) : Duo with Orlando Bass (piano)

Debussy, Taïra, Denisov, Schulhoff

21. Guerinet Music Festival (Saint-Priest-Bramefant) : Trio Dämmerung with Filipo Biuso (clarinet)

Stravinsky, Ravel, Bartok, Webern, Gershwin and « Strates » by Vincent David (world premiere)


2 au 4. Salon de Provence chamber music Festival

  • Trio Dämmerung : Piazzolla, Bass, Berlioz, David, Gershwin
  • Duo with Albert Guinnovart (piano) : Alberto Guinnovart’s personal composition


28. Bagatelle Festival (Fondation Banque Populaire)Private Concert at Negressco Palace (Nice)

Recital with David Kadouch (piano) and Gregoire Girard (violin)


9. Aux Armes Contemporains Festival Promotion Concert of Album « Spirales » in La Scala Paris with Jeanne Crousaud (soprano), Filipo Biuso (clarinet), Joakim Ciesla (saxophone) and Trio Dämmerung.

Adamek, Berlioz, David, Webern, Leroux, Ravel and world premiere of « Long Playing » by Matteo Franceschini.