Eudes Bernstein, Biennale de Venise

At the prestigious Venice Biennale, the “Habitat project” brought together saxophonist Eudes Bernstein, composer and performer Francesco Pellegrino and visual artist Roberto Cassano to create a multimedia piece for tenor saxophone, electronics and audio-responsive video. This project was carried out within the Biennale Musica College, under the direction of Matteo Franceschini for composition, Maurillio Cacciatore for music informatics, Thierry Coduys (former assistant to Luciano Berio and Karlheinz Stockhausen, current musical assistant to Pascal Dusapin) for sound design and Andrew Quinn (realization of special effects especially in the films Matrix or Tomb Raider) for video design.

« “We have hen, the interesting realization for tenor sax, of the duo Francesco Pellegrino and Roberto Cassano, performed by the fantastic Eudes Bernstein. Habitat is an embryonic Disneyan fantasy where sound, obtained with a considerable number of effects, is creator of live graphics (live graphics) with orange and blue tones that recall respectively a marine habitat and a strictly geometric world in the Flatlandia style, the famous novel by Edwin Abbott Abbott.”»
Carlo Emilio Tortarolo, Teatrionline, il portale Nazionale dell’informazione teatrale